Our Services

We are providing services for all your intellectual and business needs. From Intellectual Property protection to virtual assistant, our trusted efficiency and network of affiliates surely enable us to resolve your predicament.

Including copyright, trademark, patents and industrial design solutions and registration. Have you ever wondered how do you protect your copyrights works in Malaysia?

Our experience and integrity befitting one of the world's trusted custodians, we provide solutions to clients to safekeep assets, reduce risks and resolve all problems including arising from cross-border issues throughout the world.

Document custody – Document archiving solution, secure online system – from document receipting management, archiving and verification, tracking, imaging, distribution, in transit reporting and auditing through to secure destruction, collateral review, certification and safekeeping including due diligence review exercise.

  • Maintaining books and records
  • Notifying and processing of corporate actions
  • Reconciling portfolio holdings
  • Reporting portfolio and account holdings
  • Interacting with major market depositaries

Safekeeping Multiplies Investments – We provide safekeeping for a full range of financial instruments in a full range of forms, including physical securities, book-entries, or electronically created and signed mortgage documents. Investors increasingly find assurance in custodians that offer secure and robust platforms, able to segregate and hold assets that are unencumbered.

Safekeeping – Collecting and storing physical deeds, titles, grants, ownership securities, documents and files for the benefit of a client or stakeholder.

Provided through our group RRM Advisory and Custody Sdn Bhd

We providecomprehensive "one-stop center" for public (listed) and private companies. Our company caters a wide range of regulatory and/or administrative corporate requirements and obligations. These includes:

  • Proposed Company Name Search & Reservations
  • SSM Filing Fees
  • Preparation of all Incorporation Documents
  • Filing Incorporation with SSM on your behalf
  • Minutes Book
  • Shareholder Registry & Statutory Records
  • Resolutions and other ancillary services.

We will provide virtual assistance for all your business, documentation and legal needs. Including physical sorting of documents, licensing and systematisation. Even the transcription of meetings can be done at the shortest possible time.

Our networks includes Ram Reza & Muhammad, PT RRM Global, Muhammad Danish &Co, Hermes & Co, Z&I, and RRM Advisory And Custody Sdn Bhd.

Thus, whatever possible problem that you may have, we may have the solutions.